1. Draft your ideas

Understand what your product is built for?
What problems it is trying to address?
Is it feasible? Are there any alternatives out there?
You can jot down your ideas in point form and later make a mindmap out for clearer outline and visual.


2. Test out your ideas

Ask potential future users their opinions about your ideas. How will it impact them? Measure out the pros and cons of your product and compare the pain points if your product didn’t exist. SWOT (Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threat) analysis can help in such case.


Having sketchy wireframes or mockup of your software or app will help investors or stakeholders quickly understand what your product is about.


Wireframing your idea is also a great way to communicate with your software developer on the flow and design required. This will avoid misunderstandings.


3. Set aside budget

Once you have tested your idea, it’s time to discuss your requirements with your software developer.


Having clear design requirements can help developers create better, more specific project scopes and speed up the proposal process.


Developers normally estimate project cost from:
– Amount of Resources needed
– Estimated Time Spent
– Features
– Project Scopes
– Project Risks

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