Website design is not an easy process. In this article, we give a series of questions to anyone who is going through the web design phase to make better decisions.


1. Intuitive and Ease of Use

How easy is it for your visitors to understand what the website is and how to navigate and use the website? How many steps your visitors would need to go through to make a purchase? Can users who landed on your page understand the language you using?


If your website has a lot of texts and banners, it can make it difficult for your visitor to grasp the actual content. A good web page should have less than 40% bounce rate, if your site analytic is throwing a bounce rate of over 40%, you may want to revise your design.


2. Responsiveness

In Brunei, the total mobile subscriptions have reached 495,000. Worldwide we are already seeing a greater amount of users are using mobile devices to access websites compared to desktop devices. This mean if you are building a website for the future, you should take responsiveness seriously.


Without responsive feature, it can be frustrating for mobile and tablet users to read and navigate your website. This can contribute to high bounce rate.


3. Call to Action

Your website should have a purpose or goal. Is it built to get business leads or generate online sales? If so, you should include call-to-action messages. Examples of CTA are: “Buy Now”, “Download Now”, “Contact Us” or “Sign Up Now”.


4. Look and Feel

Most common design factors to consider when doing web design are: Font type, Font size, Font color choices, Page template and layout, Favicon, Site logo etc. You should make sure the design is in line and consistent with your company brand. This can also help create a lasting impression for your visitors.


5. Page Speed

The most common reason for someone to leave a site is due to the page loading speed. 40% of visitors will leave your site if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

You can use Pingdom free web tool to find out the resources that are causing your server overhead and eating your visitor’s bandwidth.

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