If you are planning to build a website that target specific Brunei group, you may be considering whether to register a .com.bn or .com domain name. Which would be more suitable for your business? Here, we discuss the pros and cons of the having .BN domains over TLDs (top-level domains).


Pros of “.com.bn”:

– Visitors can know immediately your site is meant for the Brunei community.
– More choices for your domain name.
– Due to strict regulation over country level domains, not anyone from outside of Brunei can register for it, local visitors generally would trust a local domain more, if knowing that only local business could have registered for it.
– Allow for localized website accessibility. If you run a .COM international site, you can may want to consider having a localized .COM.BN version that target Brunei community alone.


Cons of “.com.bn”:

– Visitors who are used to .COM might find to it hard to remember your unique .BN web address
– Domain registration is not as straightforward as top level domain “.COM/.NET etc”, you need to go to Telbru office to complete a domain registration form pay for the annual fee. Business registration certificates (16 & 17) are required for application processing.
– It is much more expensive than a “.COM” domain, .COM.BN comes with a price tag of B$140 for first year, B$90 for subsequent year. A typical TLD domain costs only around US$10 per year.
– Not suitable for global audience.
– Change of name-server or DNS requires manual form processing through Imagine’s branch and may require few working days to take effect.


You can check .BN domain name and WHOIS record from BNNIC website at https://bnnic.bn/find-your-domain


If you are interested to register for .BN domains, please visit the local domain registrar at: https://www.imagine.com.bn

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