There is a common misconception that website project should be a one-off basis. Once your website is deployed, the website should continue to work for years to come without any attention from the vendor. However, in reality, this is not realistic. Website owners should set aside budget as well for maintenance and support plan following the go-live phase. Here are the reasons why:


1. Software Updates

Most website plugins and frameworks release new updates regularly, and some are critical to fix security issues. If updates are not installed, you are potentially leaving your website exposed to potential threats such as backdoor access, data theft and virus. Having a proper care plan not only ensure updates are done regularly but if any new updates break the website, there will be support available to help fix it.


2. Preventive Maintenance

Websites are operated by web servers. These servers can sometimes fail to work properly in situations like peak traffic and brute force attacks. Having a technical support team continuously monitor and tune your web services will help significantly to lower the server downtime rate.


3. User Support

Care plan covers for a phone/email support (SLA). This mean your web administrator no longer need to do all the guesswork on how to resolve website issues encountered by themselves.


4. Backups and Recovery

Website can get hacked due to various reasons. In the event of such an attack, our team can assist to clean the website with malware and recover from the last available backup files.

Backup will be done on a daily basis to minimize the loss of data.


5. SEO Ranking

Website relies heavily on Search Engines and social media channels for new traffics. If part of your website is not optimized to speed and performance, it can affect your ranking. It is also essential to configure your site to be SEO-friendly. This means making sure sitemaps, content structures and caching options are properly set.

A bad website configuration can certainly hurt the SEO of your website.


Let us help you

Website maintenance is very similar to any other maintenances out there such as cars and houses. You need to constantly care for it to ensure it continues to work and deliver results for you. Keep your website up to date and stop losing customers!


Cubebox Solutions provide affordable yearly website care plan to help maintain and support your existing website. We are certified web engineer experts based in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. Contact us today to get a free non-obligatory quote from us.

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