Just like any modern technology, website may also require constant maintenances and supports from web developer.


Here’re the few things you may anticipate even after a web development lifecycle:


1. Upgrade

Website uses many dependencies like server, database, framework and operating system to make it work. It is inevitable that these software or hardware dependencies require compulsory upgrade once in a while.

Over time, you may also find your website needing new contents, features and changes. These upgrades are usually not covered within the initial project development work.


2. Design Defect and Bug Fixing

At Cubebox Solutions, we do thorough system testing before deployment to public access. However, there is sometimes still chances that errors or bugs escaped our scan. That’s why we offer standard 1 month warranty for our work to ensure bugs and defects are covered in our project even after deployment.


3. Monitoring

Website uses hosting environment to deliver content to visitors. It is wise to do regular monitoring to check for site uptime, rate of data in/out and overall performance (CPU, Memory, Ping Time, Bandwidth, Response Time). A poor performing hosting can drive your visitors away in a second! Knowing your hosting server will help you understand how to further optimize your server.


4. Training

Website normally work on a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal to enable user to modify certain contents like graphic, media, text and video quickly. It might be tricky to first time users so basic user training may be required to help user manage their own content.

We offer installation, integration, customization, training and hosting services 
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