Working onsite is becoming a thing of the past. In this article, we will look into the 3 things to prepare for software/web developers to work with you on your project more productively.


Teamviewer (Remote Access)

This nifty utility works in multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and much more. It provides easy and quick access to server, PC or laptop for remote assistance. You basically just need to pass the ID and passcode for your developer to gain access to your screen and provide the necessary assistance.


Skype Call

Communication is key when you work remotely with someone. Regular online meeting would be necessary to keep everyone in the project on track and on the same page. One key benefit of Skype is the “Screen Sharing” feature that allows the person you are calling to to view your screen while the call is active.



If you are dealing with the developer the first time. It is usually recommended to use an escrow platform for your project.


How does escrow system work?
Escrow is used to provide guarantee payment to developer and guarantee work to the client. Client has to make partial/full payment to the escrow website instead of to the developer directly.

When developer completes his work and client is happy. He can then release the escrow fund to the developer.

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